About The Blogger

Welcome to the blog that’s all about sharing what we like and dislike in this beauty world.

I’m a mother before anything, I’m a wife, I’m a sister, a friend, working . full time and trying to do the whole balancing act (never happens). I love sharing what I find in our stores and sharing it with all my beauties.

I’m basically beauty on a budget, I love finding new products that would work for me without breaking the bank. On this blog it’s not just about me but it’s also about you and how you feel about the products we have at our disposal (so don't forget to engage)

I’m in no way or shape a make-up or beauty/makeup guru but just a lover of new and existing products out there. I try new products every now and again and give my honest opinion in this blog which I hope may be beneficial to the next person.

Facts about me: 

  • An introvert 
  • Mother of two boys
  • Compassionate
  • Have a fear of colourful clothes (prefer neutral colours) 
  • Love hanging out with family
  • Gadget freak 
  • Content with my own company
  • I'm not fashion forward
  • Coffee addict 

I just do me the best I can (I guess that’s all we can ever do). Let’s share, experiment and enjoy the journey of beauty because it’s in all of us.

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